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We’re thrilled to present the Use Your Vote campaign video from leading independent film and documentary maker Kate Dixon at Dixipix, our broadcast media partner.

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English, Scottish & Welsh Local Elections

Take place on
Thursday 4th May 2017


"Use Your Vote's call to action could not have come at a more crucial time. The British people will be called to vote in a series of important elections this year, including a Referendum on EU membership that will shape our relationship with Europe for years to come. The lives of the younger generations, those sadly less likely to vote, will be the most profoundly affected, whatever the result. Young people are eminently capable of political engagement once they feel they have a voice and can affect change. It is the responsibility of all institutions and civil society organisations to make sure younger voters are enthused, energised, informed and ready to play their role in our democracy for the sake of their own future."
Paola Buonadonna, Campaigns Director, The Wake Up Foundation
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Did you know?
There are 650 Members of Parliament (MPs) in the House of Parliament