Use Your Vote GE2019

Wednesday 13th November 2019


Dr Tony Breslin, founder of Use Your Vote, will be commenting throughout the General Election 2019 campaign. So watch this space.

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UK General Election

Takes place on
Thursday 12th December 2019


"Any attempt to get more people interested and involved in politics should be greeted with open arms, so Use Your Vote's campaign to boost turnout is very welcome. As flawed as Britain's First Past the Post voting system is, it's vital that people have their say on who represents them, and get stuck in with the issues that affect us all. In a democracy, politics can't be left to a select few, so we wish the Use Your Vote project every success."
Katie Ghose, Chief Executive, Electoral Reform Society
Democracy Matters
Callisto Design

Did you know?
In Northern Ireland there are 108 Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs), 6 from each of the 18 constituencies.