Forthcoming Elections and Referendums

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The information below sets out the range of elections and referendums scheduled to take place over the next four years. The UK’s next General Election, in which MPs are elected to Parliament, will take place in May 2020. This table has been adapted from information provided by the Electoral Commission at The Electoral Commission is an independent government funded body that oversees public elections in the UK, and ensures that all rules and regulations (for instance, about who can stand as a candidate, how political parties must respond when offered a donation, and how much a candidate or a party can spend during the period of an election in an attempt to win your vote) are followed. Local council websites are likely to provide precise details about the timing and regularity of local government elections.


Referendum to decide whether the UK is to remain a member of the European Union (EU)

Elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly

Elections to the National Assembly for Wales

Elections to the Scottish Parliament

Elections to the London Assembly

Election of the Mayor of London

English local government elections (in various council areas)

Mayoral elections (in certain areas)

Police and Crime Commissioner elections (England and Wales)


English local government elections (in various local council areas)

Mayoral elections (in certain areas)

Scottish local government elections

Welsh local government elections


English local government elections (in various local council areas)


European Parliament elections

Northern Ireland local government elections

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UK General Election

Takes place on
Thursday 4th July 2024


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Did you know?
There are 129 Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs), of which 73 are constituency MSPs and 56 are regional MSPs.